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Man on the Moon

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Pavees Dance Featuring Legendary Bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Shooting-Star Guitarist Aram Bajakian with Original Can Vocalist Malcolm Mooney
Aram Bajakian Guitar
Malcolm Mooney Composer, Lyricist,
Sean Noonan Composer, Drums,
Jamaaladeen Tacuma Bass

“a musical journey full of poetry and magic, designed for the most curious ears and eyes." Pascal Bussy, author of the definitive biography of Can

In 2014, premieres a new collaboration, Sean Noonan Pavees Dance featuring Malcolm Mooney, original singer from CAN, Jamaaladeen Tacuma bass, and Aram Bajakian guitar

In Pavees Dance, Noonan describes himself as an "Irish griot", one who collects tales, legends, and life stories over the course of his journeys and transforms them into raw material, not only from drumming, but in all of his music. Together with Aram Bajakian, his alter ego, and Jamaaladeen Tacuma, mutant bassist from Ornette Coleman's Primetime, they track down Malcolm Mooney, the original Can singer (back to "Monster Movie"). The latter remains famous for having been the shooting-star voice, half Soul, half psychedelic, of one of the more influential experimental Rock bands in History.


The man in the moon
Came down too soon
Down to the south
Burning his mouth
Caught in a trap
For stealing the thorns from
another mans gap
That man was sent back
Never came back from the
was Brewed by Noon