Sean Patrick Noonan Discography: 

                                               music educator, author, storyteller, conductor, composer, arranger, producer, drummer 

2018 The Aqua Diva                                                                               Beyond Jazz (Creative Avant Jazz Storytelling)

2017  Man No Longer Me

2016  Memorable Sticks                                                                          Keyboard Trio that dig deep discovering Folklore Legends Skarbnik 
                                                                                                                 Salt Mines apparitions from Wieliczka Poland

2016 Brooklyn Lager Trio                                                                         Bavarian Punk Jazz Sax Trio

2014 Trilogy Series:
         In the Ring - with Momenta String Quartet                                      Modern chamber music, third stream, storytelling
         Pavees Dance:  There's Always the Night                                      Jazz Funk Punk
         Bruised by Noon Solo                                                                      Solo drum set improv, electro-acoustic

2012  A Gambler's Hand String Quartet                                                   Modern chamber music, third stream, storytelling 
2011 Set the Hammer Free Brewed by Noon                                           Afro-Celtic Punk Jazz
2009 Time at the End of the Day                                                              Brewed by Noon live trio and quintet 
2008 Boxing Dreams                                                                                Brewed by Noon afro-celtic jazz 
2008 Being Brewed by Noon                                                                    Documentary by Tom Asma Being Brewed by Noon film 
2008 Being Brewed by Noon                                                                    Brewed by Noon live concerts in ny/europe 
2008 Brooklyn Lager                                                                                 Noonan/Burger NY Bavarian Jazz Duo
2007 Stories to Tell                                                                                    Brewed by Noon Afro-Celtic Jazz Rock
2006 Brewed by Noon                                                                               Brewed by Noon african jazz rock 
2005 Light,fuse,get,away                                                                          THE HUB punk jazz sax trio 
2003 Live at Gugalander                                                                           THE HUB punk jazz sax trio 
2002 Chips                                                                                                Aram Bajakian Sean Noonan guitar duo/diverse styles 
2002 Trucker                                                                                             THE HUB punk jazz sax trio 
2001 Accident                                                                                           THE HUB punk jazz sax trio 
2000 Vandalism                                                                                         THE HUB punk jazz sax trio 
1999 Trio Jazz                                                                                           Sean Noonan acoustic piano trio