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Zappanation Rock Opera German Review

Zappanation Rock Opera German Review

“When My Band Goes With Me…” with drama filled themes on “The Aqua Man” or self confessing “Where Would I Go” rounding out the indie and idiosyncratic moods”

Jazz Weekly

Novi album bubnjara Seana Noonana svakako predstavlja eklektično glazbeno djelo koje posuđuje iz raznih žanrova i podžanrova, od jazza preko klasične i suvremene improvizirane glazbe do world musica.”

Davor Hrvoj Croatian Reviewer

Part slam poet, part folkie and all drummer”

the vinyl anachronist

an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this highly entertaining and “different” jazz release”

contemporary fusion reviews

Sean Noonan’s ” The Aqua Diva” is in a class by itself”


A four square return to the days of avant poetry”

Midwest Records

Американский ирландец Шон Патрик Нунан подобен Протею: в каждом новом проекте он иной и пристегнуть его творчество к какой-то определенной стилистике просто невозможно.”

Jazzquad (Russian)

And now for something completely offbeat, crazy-cool, jazzy, rocky, punky, world beat edgy – and so hipster it would make an incredible stage musical: The Aqua Diva”

Jonathan Widran