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Brian Morton from Jazz Journal has been "playing it solidly for two weeks now and it keeps yielding up new subtleties and unexpected gems of in-the-moment creation. Strongly, even strenuously, recommended."”

Jazz Journal UK

Sean Noonan Music Pavees Dance - Tan Man's Hat well reviewed on Sodapop Webzine "Una musica che trova nel vigore creativo la sua resistente ragion d’essere: psichedelia che tinge fantasiosamente le tracce di sapore onirico, divagazioni progressive che spianano la strada in modo visionario, sincopazioni jazz-rock che scoprono spigolosità e aperture improvvisative che finalizzano il tutto. Un suono caleidoscopico refrattario a facili categorizzazioni, che si sposa alla perfezio...”

Sodapop Webzine

"“We are travellers, not knowing that the starship is our planet.” Singer Malcolm Mooney’s line, which introduces the magnificent opener ‘Boldly Going’, is as good a summary as you will get of the new record by Sean Noonan Pavees Dance. Indeed after just five minutes, the listener will feel they are grappling with the entire history of jazz rock - cut up with choice snippets of that recent LP documenting the telephone calls of English eccentric and heated clothing inventor, Captain Maurice Seddon."”

The Quietus

"The adventurous music runs parallel to Ornette Coleman’s harmolodic system, so it’s perfect that Noonan’s group includes the incredible bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma, who was a member of Coleman’s Prime Time group."”

No Treble

Sean Noonan Music Pavees Dance's Tan Man's Hat beautifully reviewed on esteemed Italian online publication Magazzini Inesistenti”

Magazzini Inesistenti