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Pavees Dance Third Album released on Limited Edition Vinyl + Digital Download with 3 Bonus Tracks!

Malcolm Mooney - vocals, lyrics, artwork
Ava Mendoza - guitar
Jamaaladeen Tacuma - bass
Sean Noonan - drums, vocals, compositions

Recorded August 20, 2022 at Atlantic Sound Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Diko Shoturma tracking engineer
Michal Kupicz  mixing/mastering
Malcolm Mooney artwork
Matthias Gleixner graphic design
co-produced by Sean Noonan and Guenter Janovsky

All lyrics sung by Malcolm Mooney are by Malcolm Mooney
Music by Sean Noonan on track 1,3,4,6,8,9,10
Music by Sean Noonan and Guenter Janovsky on track 2,5,7
Song titles by Guenter Janovsky on track 1,5,7,8,9

Malcolm Mooney ASCAP
SNMR 1011