Drummer and composer Sean Noonan has long preferred the term “Rhythmic Storyteller” to describe his audacious, genre-defiant artistry. As a modern-day sonic griot he combines the most ancient of traditions with forward-seeking experimentation; as a kind of post-modern wandering minstrel he gathers irreverent folk tales and offbeat inspirations from various cultures and translates them through his own singular worldview.

"Independence might be the ruling concept of this drummer/leader’s career. It defines a common relationship not only among his hands, feet, and voice, but between his art and almost everything else in drumland". Modern Drummer Magazine

Latest News: Bartalk explores the psychological stresses caused by Solitary Confinement.

Whatever perspective one explores, be it an inmate or as we have discovered in 2020, the planet is experiencing all levels of isolation as:- quarantine, loneliness, solitude, confinement, seclusion, remoteness, insulation, retreat, separation, detachment. The pandemic has made the world stop and take a breath as well as create an understanding around the theme of isolation.  Bartalk is an intimate performance on how a rhythmic storyteller has coped with isolation and entrapment.  

In May/June 2022, Noonan will perform a 23-hour solo percussion piece at an in-progress dry stone wall maze in England’s Dalby Forest. The piece will be filmed and edited, with elements serving as inspiration for a new composition, Bartalk, that Noonan will write for himself and the Ligeti Quartet to perform during a five-concert tour in April 2022 (see dates above). The finale will take place on April 30 at London’s St. Giles Church, sponsored by Jazz Live at the Crypt which includes a chamber orchestra premiere of Bartalk featuring:

the Ligeti Quartet, Matthew Bourne - Fender Rhodes/Church Organ, Alex Ward - Clarinet/Elec. Guitar, Helen Vodvich - Flute, Sara Gail Brand - Trombone, Sean Noonan - Drums/Compositions/Voice ,Otto Willberg - Double Bass

New Project Coming 2022:  'Contraptions' solo works for the Trap Set
"Contraptions" is a new solo project for myself on augmented drum kit in which I will develop, record and perform live in 2022-23.

NOONWARD Debut Album with Alex Ward release show at Vortex Jazz Club March 25th! Read More HERE

NOONWARD Debut Album with Alex Ward release show at Vortex Jazz Club March 25th! Read More HERE

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