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Zappanation is a surreal rock opera composed in the provocative and inventive spirit of Frank Zappa and Edgard Varèse. It began in 2016 at the Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival in Sardinia. The story refracts Mozart’s brothel-set opera The Abduction from the Seraglio through the bawdy humor and musical inventiveness of Zappa and the percussive abstractions of Varèse.

Norbert Buerger as "Evil Papa" (guitar/beat box)
Alice Madeddu as “Bubbles” (soprano)
Eva Pagella as “Butterflies” (alto)
Matteo Siddi as "Jesus" (tenor)
Manuel Cossu as "Tad, aka The Aqua Diva”
Mandhira de Saram (violin 1)
Patrick Dawkins (violin 2)
Richard Jones (viola)
Val Welbanks (cello)
Harry Saltzman (saxophone)
Johnny Richards (keyboards)
Michael Bardon (bass)
Sean Noonan as "The Boy" (drums/vocals/composer)

Sandy Sokoloff original painting Archangel Chamiel’
Malcolm Mooney art advisor
Matthias Gleixner graphic design
Michal Kupicz CD mixing/mastering engineer

Studio Recording at TY Studios London September 4, 2016
Video on May 12, 2018 at Alte Kaserne, Landshut, Germany

Download audio and watch video of Zappanation
Password: WelcometoZappanation

All compositions and lyrics by Sean Noonan SPNoonan ASCAP
Noonanmusic - NM1010