Brewed Junk
feat. Steven De bruyn harmonica
Jasper Hautekiet bass(Be

  Brewed Junks Is… Electro-Acoustic Avant-Blues Rock 

… the premiere of a new transatlantic project merging two bands, "Brewed by Noon" (NYC) and members of "The RhythmJunks" (Belgium)  thus "Brewed Junks" was created from brewing avant blue funk rock in junk together. 

Brewed Junks Came From… 

“CHIPS” Microchips, gambling chips, potato chips, a dubious ‘80s motorcycle-cop show, small flaws on a pristine surface, fragments of a disintegrating object… “JUNKS” as in rhythm addicts, sound freaks or compulsive-obsessive instrumental mannerism. 

Brewed Junks Live… 

…in the neophilic neighborhood also occupied by John Zorn, Ruins, Marc Ribot, Malcolm Mooney of CAN, and around the corner from old blues-men, obscure jazz freaks, soundtrackalia collectors, even Eugene Chadbourne. 

Brewed Junks Are… 

Brooklyn based drummer Sean Noonan, the engine room behind crazy free-grunge-jazz power trio The Hub and world fusion force Brewed by Noon. Sean mixes up some musical chips of his own with grease and spices from his Belgian soul mate, harmonica player Steven De bruyn (The Rhythm Junks, El Fish) and Jasper Hautekiet bass 

Sean and Steven share the same musical DNA for approaching many bits of music in an innovative and adventurous way. For this project they both bring in a sparring partner.  Steven brings Jasper Hautekiet, one of Belgium’s best kept secrets on unconventional guitar and nowadays bass. 

Together, they form a sunny grove (except when it storms), where jazz, rock, and all kinds of experimentation converge freely and openly-withoutshame, fear, or threat of a bad hangover.  Sometimes subtle, sometimes disintegrating, sometimes a risky improvisational gamble, they are never pristine, never more satisfying than potato chips, and unlike the soundtrack to any cop show I’ve ever seen, 

"Brewed Junks kicks your ass, turns your head and makes you laugh.”

From 1994 ‘till 2001 Steven De bruyn has fronted the internationally popular experimental blues band El Fish. More recently Steven founded a new unique collective in 2004 called the Rhythm Junks, the hybrid of the master orchestras. A roots group that exchanged its guitarist for a wind section. A beatnik big band with its harmonica player as a conductor. Some say it would be the ideal band for Tom Waits' golden wedding. The engine runs on bass, drums and a mouth organ. Steven and The Rhythm Junks have performed on Blue Note Festival Ghent (B), the World Harmonica Festival (GER), North Sea Jazz (NL), the International Jazz Festival in Shanghai (CN), the first Jazz Festival in Nairobi (KEN) and Fête de la musique Kinshasa (CON) amongst many others. 

Live he mostly works with his current band, the Rhythm Junks, but apart from them he’s shared the stage with a.o. Roland Van Campenhout, Zap Mama, The Evil Superstars, The Hub (USA), De Mens, Little Axe (USA-UK), Eugene Chadbourne (USA), Brussels Philharmonic, DJ Tudo (BRA) and many others. In the studio he has recorded for Roland Van Campenhout, Axelle Red, De Mens, Raymond Van het Groenewoud, Bart Peeters, Slade (UK), Zen Zilla (Fr) and many many more. 

Jasper Hautekiet - biography 

Jasper Hautekiet (°1982) studied electric and double bass at the jazz department of the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp. Being raised in a musical family, he started playing from a young age and nowadays he’s a frequently asked bass player. Always having been into many different styles, Jasper was involved in numerous bands and projects. As a session musician he toured around the world with artists like Bony King, Admiral Freebee, Milow, Selah Sue,… Nevertheless for the past decade his focus has mainly been on The Rhythm Junks, a trio on the verge of roots, jazz, pop and soul. With their unique blend of harmonica, vocals, drums and bass they toured in China, Japan, Kenya, Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Poland,... The Rhythm Junks released three albums and are currently working on their fourth album.