The Reluctant Astronauts

Sean Noonan and The Reluctant Astronauts (New Electric Trio Recording session on April 16-17, 2018 So Audio Coming Soon)

Lately I have been collecting and composing new pieces based on tone rows and developing techniques from visionaries like Charles Wuorinen.  When I compose I first improvise on the drum kit to rhythmically map out my 4 limbs to be used as a basis to compose all new pieces that are treated as an extension of the drum set. I will be recording in April a new project, "The Reluctant Astronauts" and recently returned from a retreat in the Moors with Johnny and Mick to develop a series of interstellar songs that I hope will boldly go where no electric trio has gone before.

Sean Noonan and The Reluctant Astronauts will be landing at the Vortex Jazz Club on March 5 to premiere a series of new interstellar Electric Trio compositions. Join us if you are in London.  With Johnny Richards - keyboards and Michael Bardon on bass as they record their debut Album "7 Days in Space" in April 2018 that is based on a series of Tone Rows that Noonan collected during his travels.  One can't imagine what Noonan's final result will be this time that features this young trio but here is a review from his previous release "Man No Longer Me"

"Intense, daft, tricksy, virtuoso, addictive: an absolute trip from a “modern-day sonic griot " Read Entire Review HERE

Sean Noonan Interview- Not Simply Beating a Dead Horse Drum

Rhythmic storyteller Sean Noonan composes and conducts with a pair of drum sticks original multi-stylistic music fusing his discoveries from harmolodic jazz rock and avant-garde chamber music. Noonan’s wide-spectrum music combines the stories of an Irish bard with the raw physicality of a street-smart boxer. 

"Memorable Sticks" trio performs mostly in electric bass/keyboard configuration and all audio excerpts are from Noonan's diverse song book. 

"Sean Noonan's concept is as original as a fingerprint" - New York Jazz Record 

"The powerhouse drummer draws equally on Bartok, early Can, jazz, Balkan and avant garde theatre music." New York Music Daily

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