Solo Drum Improvisation Perspectives Behind the Kit and Tour Diary

Chapter 1: Wood and Air

Over the last few weeks I had a chance to focus exclusively on the drum set, performing my current solo program and composing the next chapter of this very honest idiom and from getting to share it with many audience by now I found a way to transcend myself to a mode of expression by using just two bare naked natural acoustic instruments: wood and air. Well actually for the drums it is wood, metal and skin and for the voice, water air and fire. 

Thus rhythm and sound are the essential primitive components of drumming and the root of this I explored by finding ways to improvise and coordinate new poly rhythms across my four limbs and voice.  I discovered just as probably how someone did in prehistoric times how each person has there own unique voice of expression and rhythm that is as original as a fingerprint. When I finally got into the zone I did not want to leave and it was like I was taken out of a prehistoric time capsule.  Wow what freedom to be released from all the burdens of technology, machines, and automation that in many ways contaminates your mind everywhere you go. 

So after finally returning home to Brooklyn I wanted to share my recollections of the process of making these several solo performances gave me more assurance of what actually the solo drum vocal idiom will become

Finally I truly realized when you are wandering around the world all alone on and off the stage, the key to the success are all the people behind the scenes that dont get recognized or even a chance to show themselves. So I wanted to thank everyone and without the great talents of the live sound engineer, lighting specialist, stage manager, road manager, driver and promoters this process is hard or impossible to work.  I played so many different kinds of drums, cymbals and percussion gear over the years and want to express my support to German based drum master, Alex Zachow from Troyan drums who serve as my endorser and created the custom Sean Noonan Snare Signature Drum which is a solid state shell made of three different woods, Maple, Mahogany, and Plantana.

I truly support small custom instrument makers and he is a true example of a small businesses and craftsman that give more variety, creativity and higher quality to the market place and musician that what you find from large cooperations.  I encourage all of you to support small businesses like this and at the same time wanted to thank all of you for supporting my music! Please come back and read the next chapter