Memorable Sticks Trio 2016 Album Release February 27, 2016 (Release date Poland) 

Memorable Sticks Trio with Alex Marcelo piano Peter Bitenc bass

The Immortal Rod is a symbol of power and authority in the salt mine, and is always in the Foreman's possession. When the miners chip away at a wall of salt, the clatter of their pickaxes resounds from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling and, finding no outlet, soaks into the saline bedrock.  The mine's walls remember everything – the voices of people, as well as horses. The memories residing in the walls can be awakened, upon being struck by the Rod. Sean Noonan penetrates the depths of Wieliczka's underworld, using a pair of magical drumsticks, and reveals the Hidden Treasures guarded by Skarbnik, the treasurer of that mine. Noonan encounters an apparition – the  White Lady, Wieliczka, along with her dwarfs – who beseeches him, in tears, to take her from the salt mine. Through the power of the Immortal Rod, they are transported to South Africa where, in a culminating moment, we hear songs of praise and greeting (Nangadef) for the great Zulu king, Shaka. Does the journey end here? Or, perhaps, is this the beginning, or is it the end? "Memorable Sticks” is available on For-tune Records,