Fall 2015 Drums in 4 unique rhythmic configurations


From Sept to Nov I will perform in 4 unique rhythmic configurations drums with string quartet, drums with keyboard trio, drums with harmonic trio and drums with me.  First I will kick off the tour in London with A Gambler's Hand that will feature London based Ligeti Quartet and later heading to alternative music Incubate festival in Tilburg Sept 17. 

Shortly after I will be in a barn with the Pavees Dance Electric Trio at the Alternative Harvest Festival in Kirbymoorside collaboration for the first time with the rhythm section from Leeds based Shatner's Bassoon in an electric keyboard trio playing music from "There's Always the Night" and a few selection from "Memorable Sticks" a keyboard trio album that will come out in 2016.  We will make concerts in UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Italy. 


 In November I will have a well deserved but short reunion with harpist Steven Debruyn in our avant-blue rock trio "Brewed Junks" playing in Germany, Italy, Poland and Belgium.  At three festivals Timezone Festival and Mozg Festival.